2017 C-STEM Challenge

On May 20, 2017, ACE’s Cedrick Crosby volunteered at the 2017 C-STEM Challenge in Houston, TX. The mission of C-STEM is, “to inspire the next generation of innovators and thought leaders by engaging them in exciting hands-on projects solving real world problems to encourage entry into the talent pipeline, bolster self-confidence, and foster a well-rounded mastery of the areas of communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.” This mission comes alive at the C-STEM Challenge competition, which is 100% project-based and problem-based. Contestants competed in up to eight modules – debate, robotics, mural, sculpture, computer programming, film, photography, and innovation - focused on the 2016-2017 theme of “Powering Progress: Environmental Stewardship.” As a judge for the Computer Programming module, Cedrick considered and reviewed teams that created either a text based game using JavaScript and or an interactive story using Scratch and voted on the winner.