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The Keys to ACE’s Success


Experience ACE

As an independent systems integrator, our employees are the key to our success and the reason we can provide a comprehensive set of services to our customers. As we have grown throughout the last three decades, we focused on strategically hiring a diverse group of engineers including chemical, electrical, and mechanical. And, with each new hire, acquisition, or office opening, ACE leadership has maintained focus on the core elements that make ACE a great place to work. These core aspects of our culture revolve around providing a safe, stimulating, respectful, and rewarding work environment while also supporting professional and personal growth.

Between these core values and the meaningful projects ACE retains from local and Fortune 500 companies, ACE has an incredibly high employee retention rate and has been recognized as one of The News Journal’s Top Workplaces. For our clients, this all translates to assurance that you will be working with experienced engineers that are passionate about what they do, which will result in the best possible solution.

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Our Core Values

Meaningful work red

Meaningful Work

ACE employees have the opportunity to work on all phases of a variety of projects that will ultimately have a real impact on the way our customers do business.

Growth Opportunity red

Growth Opportunities

From project mentorship by senior staff to continuing education and skill-specific training, ACE encourages employees to constantly push the boundaries of their knowledge and acquire new skills.


Teamwork Red


ACE offers a collaborative work environment where you can self-manage your work in a professional and enjoyable environment, all while gaining valuable exposure to a variety of projects and technologies.

Lifestyle and balance red

Lifestyle and Balance

From group events and office celebrations to encouraging and supporting STEM volunteering and charitable opportunities, ACE leadership believes it is important to promote a balanced work environment that keeps our employees energized.

ACE is What You Make It

At ACE, our most successful employees are those who, over time, take their job and refine it to craft a unique role. This could mean honing their skills to be a subject matter expert for a niche we work in, serving as a generalist working across different industries and platforms, or becoming a mentor, project manager, or operations manager. Or it could mean shaping a role that focuses on specific tools or interesting technologies we work with. This could range from general software development down to the nitty-gritty of what we do to commission a system to being an expert in tools and best practices from a specific vendor . Whatever path an employee desires to take, ACE management will be there to support them every step of the way.

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Not Just About the Work

While we all recognize the importance of working our hardest to get our customers the right solution on time and on budget, we also understand it is critical to take some time to step away from our desks or off the plant floor for a little bit. Our leadership team supports this by emphasizing that balance is critical and recognizing that all our employees have various activities and causes they are passionate about outside of work. We encourage our employees to share those passions, which has resulted in participation in group fun runs, karate classes, volleyball teams, and even an occasional ski trip. We also promote social activities for employees, from a friendly game of horseshoes out back to road trips to PAX Unplugged.

Additionally, a big part of our mission is focused on giving back to the communities in which we live and work in. ACE is committed to supporting STEM-related activities and initiatives. To support this, we have programs in place to help our employees have more time and resources available to support the causes they care about. With our talent, time, and funds, ACE has supported robotics competitions, youth outreach programs, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, to name a few.


Diversity of Experience

As engineers, our leadership knows our employees thrive on tackling new challenges, which is why we encourage the use of different technologies to solve problems for customers across a variety of industries. Whether that involves commissioning a control system at a refinery on the Gulf Coast, providing plant floor network support at a research facility in Baltimore, or validating a system at a pharmaceutical plant in Montana, there are plenty of opportunities on a variety of projects across the US and beyond. Within the numerous industries we serve, we also work on an assortment of applications that range from core process and system controls to networking, cybersecurity, and MES. As a result of our far-reaching industry and application expertise, our customers rely on our engineers to work through the challenges they face.

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John Smith
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John Smith
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John Smith

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