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Safety Instrumented Systems

Protect What Matters Most


Mitigating the Risk in Your Process

There are inherent risks in the automation of any process which, if not carefully managed, may result in incidents with dire consequences: Bhopal, Chernobyl, and Texas City. International standards continually evolve to objectively identify, evaluate, and mitigate these risks down to an acceptable level. Your workers, the environment, and your reputation are at stake. These are too important to trust to anyone other than a partner with a proven track record.

ACE will work with you every step of the way, whether you are performing a LOPA, installing a new Safety Instrumented System, or performing annual SIF tests. By following good engineering practice, together we will address the current issues of today’s expectations, both regulatory and litigious.

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Broad Expertise and Proven Solutions

Incorporating Automation Experts into the Safety Lifecycle

The first step to making your process safer is to identify and analyze the risks and their associated consequences. You understand your process better than anyone, and only you know what level of risk is acceptable. ACE leverages our automation experience to contribute to your HAZOP’s, LOPA’s, and SRS development. This early participation ensures a smooth implementation and the desired level of safety in your delivered system.


Selecting the Right SIS

There are a wide variety of solutions that will meet the needs identified in your Safety Requirements Specification. With an array of experience in different platforms, ACE works with you to select the one that best suits your facility. We design and verify the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) to meet your SIL requirements. During the project implementation, we modify your existing DCS and SCADA systems to provide visibility to your operators. And when it is time to perform your periodic verification tests, we will be there to support you.

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Qualifications & Expertise

Select members of our staff are certified by the CFSE Governance Board and TÜV Rheinland as safety professionals, qualifying us to meet the functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity needs of our broad customer base.


Avoiding Nuisance Alarms

Your operators are a key line of defense in automation. You expect them to be in control and respond to every bit of feedback that your control system provides. When a new alarm appears, do they ignore it because they see it occur every day; or do they take a specific action to prevent the situation from getting worse? ACE has been asked by many customers to introduce them to alarm management concepts and perform alarm rationalizations for their systems, so that the information coming from the control system is actionable, with well-defined consequences.

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