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Site Utilities


Reliable & Sustainable Solutions for your Infrastructure

The utility systems on a campus, whether it is a hospital, research facility, or manufacturing site, are critical and form the backbone of an infrastructure upon which so many rely to do their day-to-day work. ACE specializes in the use of industrial controls to solve our customers’ needs, employing solutions that are more open, maintainable, sustainable, and reliable than that of traditional HVAC DDC systems. With our help you can keep your hospitals, campuses, and buildings running and utilize our expertise to provide the control system that meets your requirements.

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Don’t Risk the Fine

All site utilities must manage compliance with a myriad of local, state, and federal regulations. Companies failing to address this daunting task will face large fines and reputational damage. Using the right tools can help ensure you are staying within the regulations. ACE works with you to historize data and create custom reports required to verify compliance. Proper maintenance of equipment, such as boiler tuning, can be done to maintain the system.


Shortening Your Outage

There are a variety of reasons that could cause downtime such as hardware failures and operator error, to name a few. The utilization of controls software and alarming can be used to help reduce failures and downtime. The experts at ACE can work with you to provide a solution that works for your unique system and provides alarms and trends of data to help you recognize and minimize the impact of hardware failure. ACE can also provide hands on training for your operations team ensuring they understand the system and how to operate it. By providing secure remote access to your system, end users can also review and observe the day to day operations and ensure the system is running smoothly. At ACE, we also provide a long-lasting relationship with continued support of your control system to prevent and minimize the time that you are down.


Sustainable Central Utilities

Decreasing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing sustainability, requires data, contextualized as information, in the hands of those who can use it. ACE will work with you to identify and provide this data. After this information is available, software solutions can be used to save energy within the existing or new control systems. System upgrades such as more efficient and sustainable fuel sources, a new chiller, or a rebuilt boiler will also save energy. ACE regularly helps customers integrate these improved systems to realize the most efficient central plant possible.


Limiting Unplanned Downtime

Something as simple as a failed I/O card or human error can shut down your utilities. Proper implementation of controls software and alarming can reduce failures and downtime. The experts at ACE work with you to provide solutions for your unique system to help you recognize and minimize the impact of hardware failure. ACE offers customized, hands-on training for your team ensuring they understand the system and how to operate it. ACE works with your team to configure and provide secure remote access to your system; this allows for supporting engineers to facilitate a quick restoration to normal operation. With a long-term support contract with ACE, we can offer that ongoing support as well.

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