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Automation Support Services

Support that Fits Your Business Needs


Custom Support Solutions to Improve Your Uptime

Your control and automation systems are integral to running your processes and generating revenue. Without the right support, these systems go from being an asset to a liability. ACE offers the support at the level you need, from occasional phone support during business hours, to on-demand remote support, to embedded 24/7 onsite personnel.

Furthermore, we can train your operations, maintenance, and engineering personnel on your specific system. This is crucial to make sure they can safely and effectively do their job. ACE provides training that is affordable, local, and specific to your site.


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Improve Educational Outcomes With Custom Training

As plants add new or additional personnel, training on your specific system is crucial to make sure they can do their job safely and effectively. You may have difficulty finding training that is affordable, local, and specific to your site. ACE will help you overcome these challenges. Whether it is training on a legacy system or on a platform new to your site, ACE provides customized programs specifically targeted to your system. Each ACE office has a dedicated training room so that you can take the class locally without the distractions of issues that arise onsite. Alternatively, ACE can perform training at your site to leverage your facilities.


Get More Done with ACE on Your Team

Corporate policies often limit your ability to adjust headcount. Even though you are not allowed to add a person, you still need to achieve positive and timely outcomes on your automation, MES, and OT Cybersecurity projects. ACE supports you by augmenting your staff with qualified personnel suited to your specific task. Whether this is part time, for 40-hours a week, or providing 24/7 onsite personnel, ACE engineers will become part of your team. ACE's team approach provides for a deeper technical bench, and coverage for vacation and sick time. Finally, you get more than the expertise of the engineers you meet, as each engineer has the full ACE organization behind them.


There When You Need Us

Most manufacturing facilities operate around the clock, with many only tolerating a single annual shutdown. When you have an unplanned downtime event, regardless of the time of day, you need to restore production as soon as possible. ACE can support your automation engineers as second level support for complex issues, or as first level support for when your team does not have available automation staff of its own. ACE will supply you with a phone number to access a team of support engineers. These engineers will be trained on your specific site and applications at the outset of our engagement. This approach will give you the peace of mind that an emergency will be remedied as quickly as possible.


Put Us On Your Calendar

Every system in your plant needs to be maintained and the control system is no exception. With the additional complexity and interconnectedness of a modern system comes additional maintenance requirements. ACE will help provide scheduled service visits, whether this is applying software patches, performing backups, or proactively reviewing log files, to ensure that they will function as specified. Your contract will also allow you to schedule additional time to complete a small system addition or install and configure a feature enhancement.


Reducing Vulnerability Through Patches and Updates

Every modern automation system contains programs and applications that need to be patched to protect against cybersecurity threats. You may not have the personnel or procedures in place to maintain these systems for the OT space. ACE will take a holistic approach to making these updates for the servers, switches, firewalls, workstations, and other network and security appliances. This approach will include the application of patches and hotfixes, the update of virus definitions, and the creation of backups, for each operating system and OT software package. In addition to the hands-on work, ACE documents and tests the patched system in alignment with your policies and industry best practices. With periodic maintenance we will ensure that your system stays up to date, limiting vulnerability to a crippling cyber attack or ransomware incident.


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Consider a Team Approach for Your Automation Support

If you need automation support in your plant, consider the benefits of using a team of experts rather than a single individual.

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