White Paper:

Your Guide to Selecting the Right Batch Management System Based on ISA-88.01 Models

As a manufacturer using a batch production process, consistently matching your "Golden Batch", or the ideal batch against which all other batches are compared, is not an easy task since batch production relies on the availability of the right materials and equipment at the exact right time in a process to effectively execute a recipe. While a good start to producing your "Golden Batch" is to implement a batch management solution, batch applications come in a variety of scope and complexity, which makes selecting and configuring the right batch solution a difficult task. To help reduce the complexity of configuring a batch solution, the ISA-88 standard was developed.

In this white paper, we navigate this standard and breakdown how manufacturers can determine the appropriate batch management solution for their application needs. In this whitepaper you will learn:

  • How the first part of the ISA-88 standard, ISA-88.01, defines models and offers consistent terminology for batch control tasks to help standardize manufacturing processes and procedures and configure batches

  • The efficiency gains that can be made by configuring a batch management process based on ISA-88.01

  • The details on three types of batch solutions with varying scope and complexity and how to determine the best fit for your process

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