Brielle Gemberling

My thoughts on ACE, after two years

In searching for a place to begin my career as a soon-to-be engineering graduate, I had several priorities. Among these were opportunities to learn, a comfortable and casual environment, and meaningful work. I found all these qualities in ACE and my two years at the company have only solidified that view. I began my career in the Delaware office and moved to the Gulf Coast office a year later. From what I have seen, the “ACE Way” permeates to all teams in all offices.

As a prospective employee, I was excited to learn about the project-based workflow that is at the core of ACE’s business. Projects can range from a single day of site support, a few weeks spent on a PLC implementation, or a two-year effort to upgrade a DCS. My second day working at ACE I was put on a project for a large pharmaceutical company where I immediately started learning how to design and build HMI applications. I was paired with a dedicated mentor and engineering team who worked to ensure that I could contribute to the project in a meaningful way while still learning new things and challenging my skillset. With every new project I become a more independent engineer and feel more confident in the engineering decisions I make. Project-based work fits my interests well because I can contribute to the whole process from the definition of the system requirements to installation and commissioning. Each project differs in the technology, location, and production process which keep me invested in my work.