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Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional, Tim Mullen

ACE would like to congratulate Tim Mullen for becoming certified as a Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional this year.

Those receiving this certification have demonstrated an understanding of IT, engineering, and cyber security to achieve security for industrial control systems.

Tim’s first brush with cybersecurity was after taking a part time job as a systems administrator while earning his BS in Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. While there he inherited responsibilities for a fleet of Gentoo Linux based servers, a flavor of Linux favored by the cybersecurity conscious. After college, he accepted a role in control systems with his first assignment being cyber security assessments on-site for a nuclear power plant in Washington State. Afterwards, he continued performing control systems design engineering and cyber security assessments for other nuclear power plants. After a stint doing building automation in the Philadelphia area, he sought to return to Maryland, and was thrilled to be able to come to ACE, a company whose good technical reputation he was familiar with.

Tim enjoys cyber security because of the opportunity it provides to combine IT and OT mindsets to ultimately keep the physical process safe from cyber threats. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Engineering from Villanova University.

We are lucky to have Tim on our team!