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Webinar: Using the TrakSYS Platform to Optimize Production and Enhance Product Quality

Contract Pharmacal Corp. (CPC) – a manufacturer of premium pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, and dietary supplements – needed to optimize production to continue meeting customer demand while ensuring product quality as their operations continued to grow. As part of one client contract, CPC built a dedicated plant with eight large-scale lines where they needed to provide their client insight into line capacity and production efficiency. To create this manufacturer-to-customer transparency and optimize operations, CPC reached out to Applied Control Engineering (ACE), a Parsec Certified Partner, to design and implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) using the TrakSYS platform.

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ACE, Parsec, and CPC are teaming up in a Webinar later this month to discuss how ACE worked with CPC to develop an MES that offers the following features:

  • Real-time dashboards with status information, recent production history, and OEE metrics for each line and piece of equipment.
  • Monitors installed throughout the plant to track real-time performance, making it easy for operators to identify underperforming lines and maintenance teams to address inefficiencies.
  • Reports that can be aggregated or filtered by date for any line, piece of equipment, shift, product, or job as well as a filterable waterfall chart for a full analysis of performance with drill downs to the underlying causes.

We will also discuss how with a well-thought-out MES, data is taken from the plant floor, contextualized, and made available to the right people at the right time, which provided CPC with the following benefits:

  • A path towards increasing yield by 3 percent
  • Productivity improvements of 3 to 16 percent per line via measurable OEE improvements
  • A reduction in changeover times from 12 to 4 hours
  • The ability to meet their customer’s requirement for production visibility

To hear more details about how ACE and CPC worked together to create this solution and learn how a similar MES solution could be deployed in your organization to improve production efficiency, watch the Webinar.

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