Manufacturing Execution Systems

Right Expertise & Experience

Applied Control Engineering, Inc. (ACE) knows the benefits that Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems can give your business and how those benefits will ultimately support growth.

MES and MOM systems allow you to manage important product-level features, automate manual operations, improve compliance, and present a plant-wide view of operations to management. You can improve repeatability and enforce workflow while reducing plant errors and manual work.

ISA-95 Design Philosophy

Using the practices and design philosophy set forth in ISA-95, ACE creates production management systems with the ability to stand alone or interface with process control systems. Systems designed by ACE provide batch reporting and material tracking capabilities, dashboards for executives, SAP integration, and OEE calculations. These systems manage work flow and recipe control while maintaining records and continuously optimizing the production process.

Your System. Our Expertise. Right Solution.

Our expertise includes MES solutions for customers in regulated industries, including those in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage businesses, where tracking product lifecycle is essential. Additionally, we design solutions for customers in non-regulated industries, where plant data is necessary for product consistency, batch records, billing, production optimization, and resource management.

ACE implements these solutions using a variety of technologies, including Aspen Technologies (InfoPlus.21®, Aspen Production Record Manager), General Electric (Proficy), Parsec™ (TrakSYS™), and Schneider Electric (Wonderware MES Software/Operations, Wonderware InBatch). In addition, ACE can create custom MES solutions for customers using scripting, web technologies, and Microsoft SQL Server databases.