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Driving Efficiency and Visibility with Real-Time Production Tracking

In today's fast-paced manufacturing landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires efficient production processes and informed decision-making. Real-time production tracking has emerged as an effective technique, enabling businesses to monitor operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions. Let's explore the basics of real-time production tracking for manufacturers.

Real Time Production Tracking
What is Real-Time Production Tracking?

Real-time production tracking is an automated system that is usually part of a larger manufacturing
execution system (MES) that gathers data from the plant floor, contextualizes it, and makes it instantly available to key decision makers in the way they need to see it. With real-time production tracking, all key stakeholders have instant, actionable data that empowers everyone, from operations to management, to respond to information in ways that will not just maintain operations but improve output.

Who Benefits from Real-Time Production Tracking?

In short, all stakeholders in a manufacturing facility benefit from real-time production tracking.

  • Management and decision makers
  • Risk management and compliance teams
  • Operators on the plant floor
  • Sales and customer support
  • Plant managers performing production scheduling
  • System maintenance

To learn more about the specific benefits or real-time production tracking for each group, or what data best supports each role, download the full white paper.

How to Get Started with Real-Time Production Tracking

It is incredibly important to get buy-in early from as many stakeholders as possible – from upper management all the way to the plant floor. Having these varied perspectives and an understanding of different pain points will help ensure you have an accurate list of requirements for your production tracking solution so that your tools deliver the metrics that truly matter to your teams. Ask yourself:

  • What metrics are meaningful to your teams and really drive performance?
  • Who wants to see what data in real time?
  • What systems must work together and what other requirements must be met?
  • What is your budget, scale of changes, and desired timeline for rollout?

Real-time production tracking has become a vital tool for businesses what want to optimize their production processes and achieve competitive advantage. By involving key stakeholders, leveraging experienced partners, and implementing a robust system, businesses can unlock the full potential of real-time production tracking.

To learn more about how to successfully implement a production tracking solution, download our new white paper, Efficient Production Starts with Real-Time Production Tracking.

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